The Power Log

It turns out that the outages in Israel that I reported on last week could have been a lot worse. Demand for electricity was at record highs during the snow storm, threatening further problems, but Israel Electric Corporation was able to turn to private power companies for additional capacity.

Foolhardy thieves stole live-wire distribution cable in Eggborough, England, blacking out three homes. Police are looking for suspects in local hospitals.

In Leighton, someone cut an underground cable. Eight-hundred homes lost power, but more importantly, a McDonald’s had to close for 4 hours!

According to Venezuela’s president, it was a single gunshot that downed a 765 kV transmission line and blacked out more than half the country on December 2nd. According to the political opposition, it was mismanagement by the state power company. Here’s the thing, if the Venezuelan power grid isn’t able to withstand a single-contingency, you could say it was both.

Residents of the village of Kamukunji in Kenya are dealing with a blackout that’s lasted 5 days.

A section of Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan suffered yet another extended blackout. This time is was due to a fault on a main feeder. However, the city has also endured load shedding, low voltage, and billing issues.

Damascus, Syria was without power after an explosion along a gas pipeline cut fuel to the city’s main generating station.

In Desert Hot Springs, California, a traffic accident toppled roadside utility poles and cut power to over 500 customers of Southern California Edison.

When the central business district of New Plymouth, New Zealand lost power just before 3:00 AM, the bars were forced to close early and revelers forced in to the dark streets.

An ice storm hit more than 300,000 customers in Michigan and more in Canada. In Guelph, Ontario families dealt with the loss of electricity by opening up Christmas board game presents early.

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