The Power Log

Major parts of the capital district in Brunei lost power after lightning hit one 11 kV line and then hit a tree that fell on another line. The government responded by telling people not to plant fruit trees.

A storm in Estonia zapped “4,645 electrical substations”, cutting power to approximately 41,000 homes. That’d be 8.9 homes per substation, which doesn’t sound right.

Cold-weather line failures led to electric interruptions for thousands of Hydro-Quebec customers Friday. Temperatures reached -10 °C.

Also on Friday, a rare but powerful snowstorm hit the Middle-East, dumping as much as 1½ feet in desert spots and a light dusting in Cairo, which hadn’t seen the white stuff in over 100 years. Thousands were without power in Israel and the West Bank.

Though not a result of weather, Friday was not a good day in Zambia either. Undiagnosed transmission-line failures cut supplies from the 900 MW Kafue Gorge Power Station and the 655 MW Kariba North Bank Power Station. As a result, most of the country was without electricity while crews worked to identify the problem.

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