The Power Log

Monkeys caused a nationwide blackout in Zambia on December 30th. Construction workers at the Kariba North Bank Power Station left telephone cables unsecured. Monkeys picked up the loose wire and used it short a transmission circuit. None of the monkeys were killed in the attack.

In Gunnedah, Australia, there was an “unplanned blackout” in the service territory of Essential Energy, who responded by sending crews out to “patrol the network”.

Great Britain is running short of electric generating capacity and a political adviser to the Labour Party said that blackouts would be “the best possible thing” to force the country to deal with the looming problem. I have a feeling that the comment is not the best possible thing for his career.

The failure of a Saskatoon Light & Power tap changer led to a 5-hour blackout in three Saskatoon neighborhoods.

Record low temperatures in South Carolina froze equipment, forced three generating plants offline, and compelled SCE&G to resort to rolling blackouts.

Electric utility workers in Nigeria are threatening to strike because they have not received benefit payments due them as part of a privatization concluded more than 2 months ago.

An island-wide blackout in St. Kitts was due to a fault on one feeder.

A fault on the high-voltage network of Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution interrupted power to 3,300 customers for 2 hours.

The fault in Dorcester, Massachusetts was underground and sparked a manhole fire in addition to turning off the lights for 1,700 customers of NSTAR.

A similar thing happened in Dundee and affected “dozens of buildings”.

Sixty-seven customers of Southern California Edison were without power for a few hours after a vehicle collided with a transformer.

In Johnson Creek, Wisconsin, ice brought down a power line and blacked out 500.

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