The Power Log

In Sabah, Malaysia, half-a-million people were affected by a blackout that started with a single line trip but cascaded to three power stations. It sounds like protection system misoperations to me. However, an official investigation will be jointly led by the utility and regional Energy Commission. Regarding the event, some parties in Malaysia are saying that the fragility of the grid, which has suffered other major outages, is a security concern.

A brush fire is the suspected cause of a blackout that hit 2,300 customers in San Bernardino, California.

Brush fire was also the immediate cause of a blackout for 19,000 in Frankston, Australia. However, an extreme heat wave in Australia made the situation much more dangerous.

Back in California, in Riverside, high winds brought down a power line, which ignited a utility pole, and interrupted power to 300 homes.

A power outage in Thoona, Australia was scheduled but still surprised many.

An underground fault blacked out 15 blocks of Lima, Peru.

While the trains were not affected by a power outage in Singapore, the stations were. Without emergency lighting, commuters in those stations were forced to navigate with light from their mobile phones.

A middle-school basketball game was called at the end of the third quarter when the power went out in Carmi, Illinois.

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