The Power Log

While the Syracuse, New York residents I know are proud of the region’s snowy climate, I expect they weren’t thinking such positive thoughts Thursday night, when about 7,000 customers in Syracuse, Dewitt, and Onondaga were without power for around 4 hours. The cause of the outage turned out to be downed tree limbs and a resulting phase-to-phase fault.

Still, Syracusans were better off than the residents of Burgeo, who lost power for 9 hours while wind, rain, and snow battered the coastal town in Newfoundland.

While crews were working to restore electric service for 11,000 area customers, two engineers responded to a call from UK Prime Minister, David Cameron. As it turns out, the Prime Minister’s loss of power was simply the result of water getting in to the fuse-box. A spokesman for Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution said that Cameron did not receive preferential treatment. Y’know, on the one hand, I doubt that. But on the other hand, I don’t see why he shouldn’t.

An article on this Australian news site suggests that SP AsusNet should reschedule planned transmission line maintenance because children will be forced to attend school without lights, computers, food service, alarms, or air conditioning (temperatures are currently 35°C/95°F). I wonder why the administrators don’t just cancel school for the day.

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