The Power Log

After 120,000 lost power in Toronto, officials determined that the cause was Toronto Hydro erecting a pole too close to the high-voltage lines of Hydro One, thus resulting in a short-circuit.

I don’t know what officials are saying in Venezuela but according to UFO Digest, witnesses in several places around the country claim to have seen blackouts following the movement of multicolored lights in the sky.

More than 150,000 were without power in Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula after the failure of a gas supply line at a regional power plant.

Fire in a substation zapped about 20,000 customers of National Grid in Northern Berkshire, New York.

The entire island of Kauai, Hawaii lost power when the failure of a fuel valve tripped the Port Allen generator (Kauai’s second largest).

A single fault of unknown origin triggered a country-wide blackout in Panama.

Power outages also affect other infrastructure! A pipeline that carries nearly 800,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Edmonton, Alberta to Clearbrook, Minnesota shut down after the failure of a SaskPower transmission line supplying two pumping stations.

A blackout affecting most of Kenya was the result of a “generation system breakdown“.

Equipment problems in an underground vault led to service interruptions in downtown Santa Barbara. A similar problem hit Napa, California.

An underground electrical fire hit South Bend, Indiana, knocking out power to 800 customers, just as the city was welcoming visitors for the commencement program of the University of Notre Dame.

Animal incursions leading to power outages:

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