The Power Log

Twice in 4 days automobiles crashed in to utility poles in Ottawa County, Michigan, interrupting power to local residents. Actually, this is a pretty common cause of interruptions everywhere.

Power outages plagued much of India, including the capital, Delhi, for several days after a large storm downed important transmission lines and high temperatures sent demand soaring.

Country-wide blackouts hit Zimbabwe (which the local utility claims was caused by a fault outside of Zimbabwe’s borders) and Yemen (where the cause was gunmen attacking transmission lines and then the repair crews that came to fix them).

Apparently, possums felt left out after the extensive list of animal incursions in my last Power Log. They seem to know what they’re doing, too. One hit a power line in Port Melbourne, Australia, exactly where it was able to take out multiple distribution substations.

In Kalispell, Montana, a squirrel hid from a storm in a transformer. It would have been better off in the rain. A police officer investigating the resulting power outage found its charred body.

A bird in Salina, Kansas knocked out power to 2,800 Westar customers.

A blackout at Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico is of the biological kind. That is, the bay’s bioluminescent plankton have gone dark. The reason is unknown, as is how long it will last.

Protection system misoperations turned off the lights for 16,000 in Toronto.

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