The Power Log

Line work is dangerous! Lineman Chris Williamson suffered a fatal electrocution while attempting to restore power after a storm in Florence, Alabama.

In Benton Township, Michigan, a truck razed a utility pole, interrupting electric supply to 1,800 customers of Indiana Michigan Power for 3 hours. The next day in nearby Coloma, a squirrel attempted to demonstrate that it was just as capable. It invaded a substation and managed to interrupt 600.

A squirrel in Bend, Oregon did even better, zapping 5,100 customers of Pacific Power.

In Sallisaw, Oklahoma, a snake managed to invade a control panel inside a substation building. Local residents only lost power for about 15-20, though, as crews were able to switch circuits to supply from another substation.

A blackout in Maryland worked out for one woman. She got bored at home, went out to buy a lottery ticket, and won $50,000.

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