Public Opinion and Electric Reliability

As energy professionals, we have a particular perspective on electric power transmission issues—by no means homogeneous opinions—but nevertheless, a perspective born of experience, of training, and of familiarity.

Members of the public, however, have their own perspectives. And one that I’ve been following for some time is The Power Line, a blog mostly focused on organizing against the PATH transmission project in West Virginia. Its latest post addresses electric power reliability, arguing against the benefits of transmission projects and for a greater emphasis on distributed generation, smart grid, and conservation. Certainly there are problems with the author’s analysis. For one, the article presents a false dichotomy between transmission and distributed generation. Nevertheless, The Power Line, and this post in particular, offers us insight in to another point–of–view. I recommend you read it.

What other sources for a fresh point–of–view would you recommend to an electric power professional?